• Corporate Investigation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Intellectual Property Rights

Corporate investigations address the variety of situations that occur when a company is subjected to misconduct or the abuse of a persons position that leads to financial losses and associated loss of investor confidence, brand equity,market share, employee morale and business opportunities. Current estimates suggest that up to 5% of annual revenues are lost to corporate fraud. Applied to the estimated Gross World Product, this figure translates to potential global fraud losses of more than $3 trillion.


At Global Insight we deal with:


* allegations or instances of fraud and corruption

* breaches of contract, fiduciary duty and code of conduct

* violations of FCPA, UK Bribery Act, OECD Instruments and Guidelines

* whistleblower / hotline reports

* collection, collation and preparation of evidence

* interviews and preparation of witness statements

* forensic examinations

* reports for presentation to boards, legal counsel, regulatory or law enforcement bodies

* global tracing of assets or the proceeds of crime

* support to litigation and arbitration processes

Due Diligence reporting provides relevant, accurate and timely information to help manage business risks. Due Diligence research is used to assist clients to make reasoned decisions about investments, acquisitions, partnerships, vendor/supplier relationships, key employment positions and other significant business dealings.


Joint ventures, direct investments, mergers & acquisitions represent some of the greatest risks in business today. Global Insight’s Due Diligence services include obtaining information on business activities, track records and reputation of businesses and their principals so that our clients know what what and whom they are dealing. Global Insight answers questions like:


Who are these people?  How do they do business?  Are they any good?  What is their reputation?  What is their history and what may that tell us about our future with them?  Is our investment going to be safe?  Are we hiring the right person?  Will we lose our money?  Do we know enough to make a responsible decision?


At Global Insight we:


* assess activities, track record and reputation of businesses and their principals

* determine relevant background and history of businesses and key people

* assess the veracity of information provided by counter-parties

* identify key vulnerabilities and risks

* gain an intimate understanding of the business and key people


At Global Insight we provide investigative support to litigation teams by:


* collecting, collating and preparing evidence

* conducting interviews and preparing witness statements

* conducting forensic examinations

* locating assets for attachment to judgments and identification of forums for enforcement of judgments and awards


We support arbitration proceedings by :


* conducting investigations in support of decision commence arbitration proceedings – factual enquiries, asset location and identification

* providing expert witness services to parties in disputes involving allegations of fraud and corruption

* conducting investigations to assist in enforcement of arbitral awards – identifying and locating assets

* providing services as part of the team advising parties in arbitral / ADR proceedings

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are rights granted to creators and owners of works that are the result of human intellectual creativity. These works can be industrial, scientific or artistic.


At Global Insight we assist clients by:


* Investigating the misuse of trademarks, patents and copyright, passing off, theft of trade secrets or loss of proprietary information

* investigating allegations or instances of product counterfeits or grey market diversions

* supporting legal or administrative actions against infringers

* providing monitoring (covert or overt) and due diligence services in relation to manufacturers, agents and distributors to enforce codes of ethics and compliance with regulatory requirements and licensing, manufacturing and distribution agreements


We have considerable experience in a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, beverages, luxury goods, fashion, computers & electronics, footwear, tobacco, the motion picture and recording industries, automotive and airplane parts.