• Corporate Investigation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Intellectual Property Rights

Fraud & Corruption Consulting Services

At Global Insight we handle:


* allegations or instances of fraud and corruption

* breaches of contract, fiduciary duty and code of conduct

* violations of FCPA, UK Bribery Act, OECD Instruments and Guidelines

* whistleblower / hotline reports

* fraud prevention and fraud risk management training

* reports for presentation to boards, legal counsel, regulatory bodies or law enforcement

Due Diligence

At Global Insight we provide support to businesses involved in a range of decision making processes involving third parties by:


* assessing the activities, track record and reputation of potential business partners and their principals

* assessing the veracity of information provided by counter-parties

* identifying key vulnerabilities and risks

* gaining an intimate understanding of the businesses and their key people to provide our clients with as clear a picture of potential partners as possible


Arbitration / ADR & Forensic Services

At Global Insight we provide support to arbitration proceedings by:


* assisting parties and tribunals to assess allegations or instances of fraud or corruption in disputes

* conducting inquiries in support of decisions commence arbitration proceedings – e.g. factual enquiries, assessments of attachable assets, issues that may affect forum selection and strategy

* conducting inquiries to assist in the enforcement of arbitral awards – e.g. identifying and locating assets

* providing expert witness services to parties in disputes involving allegations of fraud and corruption

* providing services as part of the team advising parties in arbitral / ADR proceedings


We provide support to litigation teams by:

* collecting, collating, analysing and preparing evidence

* conducting interviews and preparing witness statements

* conducting forensic examinations

* providing advice to legal teams acting for litigants

* locating assets for attachment to judgments and identification of forums for enforcement of judgments and awards


Intellectual Property Rights Protection

At Global Insight we assist clients with IP issues in a number of ways:


* conducting inquiries into the misuse of trademarks, patents and copyright, passing off, theft of trade secrets, loss of proprietary information, product counterfeits & grey market diversions

* supporting legal or administrative actions against infringers

* providing monitoring (covert or overt) and due diligence services in relation to manufacturers, agents and distributors to enforce codes of ethics and compliance with regulatory requirements and licensing, manufacturing and distribution agreement

* providing services in the arbitration of intellectual property disputes (our team includes several leading senior counsel barristers specialising in intellectual property. In this way, Global Insight is unique in providing both legal/arbitral and investigative support to clients)


We have considerable experience in a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, beverages, luxury goods, fashion, computers & electronics, footwear, tobacco, the motion picture and recording industries, automotive and airplane parts.